First wireless system in the USA

Dear Sercom relation,

At the start of the last quarter of 2019, I have some special news to share with you.

After the introduction of our unique wireless system in 2018, the first systems were quickly sold to companies that mainly worked with so-called rolling (mobile) greenhouses. Our most recent wireless climate control system in The Netherlands has been installed at the company “Klein Canada” in Heemskerk, again a producer of flowers that also uses mobile greenhouses.

Wireless debut in the USA!

Wireless debut in the USA!At the end of September we received the definitive order from a renowned producer of cut flowers in the United States: Holland America Flowers. This company has facilities in the states of Washington and California. At the California location, various types of flowers are grown on more than 30 hectares. For this garden we have been commissioned to replace the existing climate computer. The customer sees the benefits of our wireless system and we will install a Sercom climate computer with no fewer than 9 field stations, which will be controlled completely wirelessly. This project has been established with the help of our local partner, Microgrow.

As a result, we have now entered the American market with our unique wireless system.


Sercom’s wireless application appears to be more reliable in practice than a wired system. Every field station is individually in contact with the central computer. This is not the case with a wired system. Should one of the field stations fail due to a power failure, the communication between the other stations and the computer will remain intact.

With a conventional cable connection, power failure, breakage or damage to the communication cable means that climate control is no longer possible. No one is currently able to follow Sercom’s footsteps in that respect.

New Sercom dealers

Wireless debut: Logo van AmeromWireless debut: AgroTrade SystemsDuring the past two months, major steps have also been taken in the agro-industry. In Russia, our new local partner (AgroSave) has already supplied three Sercom computers for managing storage cells for potatoes. In Germany, our new local partner (Van Amerom GmbH) has supplied no fewer than seven of these types of systems. The special feature is that two of those systems are equipped with the wireless version. This means that this new technology has now also the German market, and more specifically; in the agricultural industry!

Expansion with 10 hectares in Russia and new building for Hortilife

Wireless debut: Hortilife uitbreidingVia our partner Hortilife, an expansion of no less than 10 hectares of glass construction has recently taken place at a large Russian tomato grower and existing customer. Also for this expansion, the customer preferred the Hortilife / SERCOM combination because of the very good experiences that they have had with Sercom computers, and the excellent service and support from Hortilife.

From this place I therefore would like to congratulate our much appreciated partner on this assignment. This most certainly also applies to the move to a completely new office, which was recently taken into use. The new Hortilife building is located in Deventer.


Wireless debut: SERCOMmunicationIn the past, we have regularly distributed our “SERCOMmunication” newsletter to our relations. We decided to resume this, as of past September. If you want to stay informed about all technical developments and news facts within SERCOM, please sign up for the newsletter.

With some important new projects in the pipeline, we have every reason to look forward to what the future brings. Of course, we will be happy to keep you informed on our website.

Jan-Willem Lut

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