[angielski] Update Q1 2019

Dear Sercom relation,

We have now reached the end of the first quarter of 2019. Therefore I would like to share with you how these recent months have been for SERCOM.

The design and lay-out of our new website have been received very favourably by its visitors. We were sent a lot of compliments regarding the new set-up and content of the subjects. We have also noticed that the number of unique visitors has increased considerably, also from abroad.

Software subscriptions

In January of this year we successfully launched a special promotion during the Mechanisation Exhibition (MechanisatieTentoonstelling) in Vijfhuizen. We offered additional software options for the SercoVision PC programme, in the form of a subscription. If you also want to make use of this option, you can. This promotion remains valid throughout the year!

1ste kwartaal HortEx Vietnam 2019In addition to this promotion, which is primarily aimed at our Dutch customers, we at SERCOM are also increasingly active abroad. Both within and outside of Europe, there is a lot of interest in the possibilities that our climate and irrigation computers can offer. Our unique wireless communication system is now fully being installed by our dealers and there are currently various major projects in which the Wireless Xtender system will be integrated.

Due to the increased activities abroad, we receive more and more requests from potential local partners to team up with SERCOM. From various European countries to the United States, Latin America, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, far-reaching discussions are currently taking place to achieve long-term cooperation.


SERCOM continues to present itself at various domestic and international trade fairs. We have just had busy HortiContact days in Gorinchem, as well as the IPM in Germany (Essen) and the HortEx in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City). In May, we will participate in a large horticultural trade show in Russia (Moscow) and in Spain (Almería). In June we would like to welcome you again at the upcoming GreenTech horticultural fair in Amsterdam.

All in all, SERCOM continues to actively improve and supplement our products and to look for new markets.

We are pleased to keep you informed about our progress here.

See you next time!

Jan-Willem Lut

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