[Englisch] Various projects for storage cells

[Englisch] Various projects for storage cells

Various projects for storage cells

In addition to our growing activities within greenhouse horticulture, Sercom is an important supplier of process computers for storage cells. Here, in The Netherlands for example, we are the market leader in controlling storage cells for flower bulbs. In Scandinavia, Germany and Russia, we have an ever-increasing market share in storage cells for potatoes/onions.

Recently, commitments have been made to a number of large flower bulb companies to expand their existing Sercom system with hardware and software. Among those, the firm Triflor in Oude Niedorp, a very important and leading supplier of tulips, has continued to modernise their three Sercom computers. The oldest computer was already delivered in 1992. Thanks to the upgrade, it is not inferior to the most recent computer installed just a few years ago.

With the help of the modern ARM processor board, the process computer (not to be confused with the PC for operation) is now connected to the internet and additional software can easily be added or adjusted. If desired, we can also view the process computer from Sercom and make real-time adjustments.

In addition, they now have access to the software application SercoView on the PC, with which one can create a graphical representation of the company and see at a glance what and how the various functionalities operate. Of course you can zoom in on a department or cell or on individual equipment to be able to operate it.

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