[Englisch] Touchscreen option SercoVision 5

[Englisch] Touchscreen option SercoVision 5

Touchscreen option SercoVision 5

Many of you will be familiar with our SercoVision control software. Within this program we are constantly trying to look for improvements and additions of the possibilities by means of additional individual software options. One of these options is operation by means of a touchscreen on, for example, a laptop or tablet.

This function can also be combined with the option Infographics. With this software development you can create a complete overview of your company in your own dashboard with your own icons and photos. Moving icons also indicate which parts are active. It is also possible to easily zoom in to get a closer look of the settings and if necessary to adjust them. With this option, the operation of the touchscreen has been significantly improved and it has already been delivered several times.

The first order for this combination has now been delivered and is working optimally. For more information about this possibility you can contact our sales team. More details about this option can be found in the informative video below:

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